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Cumberland Scrap Processors is located in Russellville, KY on the corner of the 68-80 bypass, and highway 79 north. Cumberland Scrap Processors also has a second location in Nashville, TN located off of the Briley Parkway/Ashland City exit. This location services our commercial/industrial customers in the Middle Tennessee area. We are a full service scrap metal recycler, and we accept both ferrous and nonferrous metals from individuals, businesses and industrial customers. Our employees are trained in customer service, state, and federal, safety regulations and they retain a high knowledge of scrap metal.

Cumberland Scrap Processors, purchases ferrous metals, including, but not limited to the following: industrial metal, obsolete autos, metal sheeting/roofing, farm implements, appliances and other obsolete scrap items. These metals are off loaded, at our facilities, where they are processed by our torching crew, mobile shear, crane, and baler, to produce the highest quality scrap metal. The scrap metal is now ready to ship via barge, railcar and truck, to steel mills and foundries throughout the region. Cumberland Scrap Processors also receives nonferrous metals including, but not limited to the following: copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum and electric motors. These metals will be unloaded in our nonferrous warehouse and prepared for secondary smelters across the region.

Our employees will happily assist you in unloading your scrap metal when you bring it to our facilities. Our friendly scale master and cashier will pay you top dollar for your metals.

When you think recycling, think Cumberland Scrap Processors.

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